Our Mission

At Sourced Coffee, our mission is to improve conditions on coffee farms, reward hard-working growers and future proof coffee for consumers.

All our coffee beans are ethically sourced through our sustainable buying program, with a portion of proceeds directly benefiting coffee growing communities.


ethically sourced coffee beans


Impact Fund

We commit to contributing $1 of every whole bean and ground coffee product sold, and $0.50 of every pack of pods sold to our Impact Fund.  100% of the money we raise goes directly to our community projects. This projects ensure our growers get the support and recognition they deserve for their hard work.

Coffee Sustainability

We base our sourcing policy for green coffee on long term partnerships. With our coffee suppliers from around the globe, we help them to provide you with a consistent supply of good quality coffee.

In real terms, we will pay our coffee producers a fair price that provides a living income. Ideally, we want to pay a price that makes farming coffee an attractive choice. This gives producers the financial capability to invest in their farms and continually improve coffee quality that can be sold at a reasonable price.

We will help fund farming initiatives that protect and improve the environment. We will also champion programs that improve social justice and equality, community health and education. 

Environmental Sustainability

We are always working towards being more environmentally responsible. Our Sourced Coffee Pods are compostable and biodegradable, and all of the cardboard we use is 100% recyclable. We also use compostable shipping bags.