Matão Women in Coffee Project

Our first project is the Matão Women in Coffee Project


This project was formed in 2013 and now comprises 24 female coffee producers from the township of Tomazina in the Norte Pioneiro region of Brazil. 

Like many producers in the world, these women had never tasted their own coffee, until recently. The establishment of the Mataõ Women in Coffee Project has enabled them to undertake cupping education programs, learning to identify lots that stand out in quality which in turn allows them to maximise their income.

At Sourced, our Impact Fund will enable these women to build new processing equipment and facilities to increase their coffee quality and production capabilities.

Weather is challenging for producers of crops all around the world, particularly coffee producers. Once a coffee cherry is picked from the tree, there is a limited window for it to be processed and dried to ensure high quality. The women in Mataõ are faced with even more difficultly as their harvest takes place during the wet season. This is great for cherry ripening, but not for drying. When dried on traditional outdoor patios, the coffee is subject to developing defects such as mould and phenolic flavours. 

To help protect the producers from the impact of the weather conditions, we have pledged $3,594 to install two new enclosed greenhouses with raised drying beds. The structure will be built in time for the next harvest. 

These enclosed drying greenhouses not only protect the precious coffee cherry from moisture, but also allow for more of the sun’s energy to be captured and harboured so that when the external temperature does drop, the internal temperature remains much more consistent. There is also the ability for the humidity to be controlled meaning that perfect drying conditions can be maintained no matter what the weather outside.

 Above: Enclosed greenhouse with raised, covered drying beds.

Being able to have consistent drying facilities means that the overall coffee quality will increase, and the women will be able to sell it for a higher price.

Now that we’ve committed to building two, we are on a mission to build more with your help. When our Impact Fund reaches $3,500, we’ll build another two.



This is an incredibly exciting project to be a part of and we look forward to seeing the lives of these women continue to be enriched by the quality of coffee they produce. 


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