Pod Tasters Pack
Pod Tasters Pack
Pod Tasters Pack
Pod Tasters Pack

Pod Tasters Pack

Sourced Coffee
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For when you just can't decide!

Our taster's pack includes 1 x Wander (decaf), 1 x Voyage, 1 x Trek, so you can explore the range and find your favourite.

Sourced coffee pods are 100% Compostable and Biodegradable, roasted and packed in Australia and are Nespresso® compatible.

  • Our Mission
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  • Sustainability

Our mission is to improve conditions on-farm, reward growers for their hard work and future-proof coffee for consumers through our impact fund.

We will contribute $1 of every whole bean and ground coffee product sold, and $0.50 of every pack of pods sold to our Impact Fund. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to community projects.

We are currently working with the Mataõ Women in Coffee, and have already built two African Raised Drying beds, with more on the way. These beds are a key piece of infrastructure, allowing these women to produce a higher quality product while increasing their income.

Pod Tasters Pack

Try all of our delicious pod varieties, in the pack you will recieve:

1 x Wander:Decaf
Intensity :
Source : Mexico

1 x Voyage:08
Intensity :
Source : Brazil

1 x Trek:10
Intensity :
Source : Brazil, Colombia and India

Size: 10 x 5.5g pods
Capsule: Sourced capsules are 100% commercially compostable, biodegradable and are compatable with all Nespresso® machines.

Coffee Sustainability

We base our sourcing policy for green coffee on long term partnerships. With our coffee suppliers from around the globe, we help them to provide you with a consistent supply of good quality coffee.

In real terms, we will pay our coffee producers a fair price that provides a living income. Ideally, we want to pay a price that makes farming coffee an attractive choice. This gives producers the financial capability to invest in their farms and continually improve coffee quality that can be sold at a reasonable price.

We will help fund farming initiatives that protect and improve the environment. We will also champion programs that improve social justice and equality, community health and education.

Environmental Sustainability

We are always working towards being more environmentally responsible. Our Sourced Coffee Pods are compostable and biodegradable, and all of the cardboard we use is 100% recyclable. We also use compostable shipping bags.